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Our Philosophy


We provide specialist based intervention in a positive and supportive learning environment.

Our Goal


To help the children, young people and adults see progress and rewards for their efforts.

Joanna and the team at Learning Plus enjoy helping students with processing difficulties and seeing them improve in their confidence and self-esteem. The team also caters for those who experience visual difficulties. We work in collaboration with specific optometrists who carry out the specialised Cellfield eye testing, for students and adults. This eye exam provides the best possible visual screening testing. The clinicians at our centre are enthusiastic, qualified and positive when working alongside the children and young people. We draw from a wealth of experience and specialist programmes. We support the children with positivity to encourage them to reach their full learning potential.


We also test students applying for Special Assessment Conditions for NCEA / Cambridge and Higher qualifications. These tests are completed by Joanna, who is a NZCER Level C Assessor, using percentile rank scores obtained from psychometric testing.


We continue to be thrilled with the feedback we have from our students and parents who attend our centre.

Joanna Sharp
M.Ed Couns (Hons)., Dip. Tchg., Dip. Couns., ACC-Reg, Family Court-Reg., Couns. MNZAC., C Grade Tester
Joanna has expertise in the area of children’s emotional well being and factors that affect their ability to learn. Her master’s thesis in education counselling and speaking / teaching positions add to her areas of expertise. She has also worked with government agencies in assisting children in this area.   

"Fantastic support and encouragement for kids and their parents! If you think your child has a learning 'blockage', get in touch with Jo."


            -Penny Claridge

"Best best help ever Jo Francis & the team are utterly amazing!!"


            -Jackie Julian

Learning Plus Auckland helps with dyslexia, reading & processing difficulties, utilising Irlen screening and the Cellfield Intervention.

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